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The Skills You Need
for The Job You Want

Get Job Ready, get outta town and have some fun!

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To help you get ready for your adventure of a lifetime, we’ve created the "Get GAP Ready" program

GAP Ready online training modules

Be confident and stand out in a crowd when looking for work. 

GAP Ready has the training and tools you need to get the job you want!

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GAP Ready "Skills Passport"

The Get GAP Ready program also gives you access to a "Skills Passport" which acts like a digital wallet containing all your important information.  You can save bank details, your tax file number, skills training certificates and much more – making applying for jobs even easier!

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Get GAP Ready - Too Easy

We’ve also simplified how you provide confidential information to future employers through a password protected 2-way authentication process.

Sounds complicated?

It is for us.  For you, it’s just too easy.

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Get GAP Ready

How it works

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Before you start looking, make sure you know how to look after yourself, stay safe and impress potential employers.


Subscribe & you’ll become a member for 12 months for only $25 (one-time fee), giving you exclusive access to the online GAP Ready Card, which helps with employability skills across all industries.


We’ll help you pull together employment information into your private & secure Skills Passport. You can then send encrypted files directly to employers so applying for work is easier.


When you apply for a job, you can easily email your job application and resume.

When you get the job, you can request a Letter of Offer from your employer (this has terms of employment, helps with any border crossings and keeps your employer happy!).

You can send your Job Start Kit to your new employer on the 1st day of work, so they have everything needed to get you started.


When you change jobs or need help along the way, GAP Ready is here 24/7. Just update your online resume and apply for another job!



Get JOB Ready
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Want a job in agriculture or hospitality? 
We've got you covered

Check out our Induction programs that cover everything you need to know to Get JOB Ready in the agriculture (GoAndPick) or hospitality (GoAndPour) industries.

  • Understand the industry and what is expected on the job

  • Learn how to work safely in the industry

  • Discover the key basic skills that will be required when you start work

  • Learn the right way of doing things from the beginning

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Get GAP Ready first and get a 50% discount!

Each Industry Induction is $50 and, if you have a Get GAP Ready card, you'll receive a 50% discount code.  So what are you waiting for? 


Get GAP Ready and JOB Ready for your chosen industry for ONLY $50.

Start your skills training now and Get GAP Ready

Want to gain more industry Skills?

Across a variety of industries, we have a course to help you learn the skills you need to get your dream job.


NSW Training Services provides fee-free training courses for young people, job seekers and school leavers to gain the skills you need.  Please check eligibility criteria below.


Whether you're a school leaver on your gap year, recently unemployed, or just want to upskill to expand your job prospects and aged between 16-24, a Job Ready qualification is a great way to future-proof your skills, explore new interests and trial in-demand industries.


Funded by the NSW and Australian Government in over 20 industries, explore over 100,000 training places to help you find your future job.

Industry Skills
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Don’t wait - Get the skills to get the job you want!


Tree Felling, Chainsaws and Chemical Pest Control

Tractors and Machinery Operations 

Farm Bikes & Utility Vehicles



RSA/RCG Safe food handling

Bar attendant & Baristas

Clean Premises/Equipment

Hygienic Practices Food Safety & Safe Work

Kitchen Hand

Greet Guests, Prepare Rooms & Hygiene


White Card & Basic Rigging

Traffic Control White Card

Dogging & Excavator Ops

Carpentry Tools/Equipment

Handle Construction Materials

Apply WHS Requirements/ Policies/Process

Community Services

Disability intro - empower, communicate

Aged care intro

Disability - Healthy bodies, direct client care, empower

Early Childhood Care & Education – Health & safety of children, provide care, support play & learning

Education support

Sport & Rec

Outdoor Recreation (Abseil, Establish Belays, Ropes & Lead Climb

Fitness - Basic Water Rescues, Familiarisation, Buoyancy, Mobility Skills, Water-Based Fitness Activities & Instruct Aquatic Session for Specific Groups

Swimming & Water Safety Teacher

Fitness - Health Screening, Instruct Programs, Anatomy & Physiology Principles and Fitness Appraisals

& Logistics

White Card & Basic Rigging

Traffic Control White Card

Dogging & Excavator Ops

Carpentry Tools/Equipment

Handle Construction Materials

Apply WHS Requirements/ Policies/Process


Robotics and Coding

Video Production

Cyber Security 



Engineering – Welding

Construction - Fabrication equipment, Use hand/ power tools, welding


Business Administration Skills

Business Administration (Job Seeking)

Business (Customer Engagement)


Retail (Produce visual merchandise displays, Work effectively as a team, Plan a career in the retail industry, Advise on products and services)

Retail Nursery

For more info, specific details of training available and to book to Get Skilled, follow the link


Are you eligible for the NSW skills training?

You’re good to go if you are

  • Aged 16-24 at the start of training, must be signed out of school, regardless of employment status, including school leavers

And are

  • Living in NSW or working in NSW

  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder

Training is subject to availability.

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