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Welcome to the 'Get GAP Ready' program

Before you start looking for work or traveling around Australia, make sure you know how to look after yourself, stay safe and impress your potential employers.

Subscribe, and you will become a member for 12 months. For only $25 (one-time fee) your membership gives you exclusive access to the online GAP Ready Card, which helps you with employability skills across all industries.

We will lead you through everything you need to see, know and do so you can enjoy your GAP adventure.

We also help you pull together all your employment information into your private and secure Skills Passport. You can then send out encrypted files of your information directly to employers so applying for work is easier.

If you want to apply for a job, you can easily email out your job application and resume.

If you get the job, you can then request a Letter of Offer from your employer (this tells you your terms of employment, helps with any border crossings and keeps your employer happy!).

Lastly, you can send your Job Start Kit to your new boss on your first day of work, so your employer has everything they need to get you started.

When you change jobs or need help along the way, GAP Ready is always here 24/7. Just update your online resume and apply for another job!


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