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5 incredible Aussie destinations your GAP year can take you

by Brittany Jenke @ The Brag Media

With school winding down to an end, it's time for an adventure in our own backyard with the perfect working holiday through the New GAP Year program.

State borders are starting to open up, lockdowns are behind us, and it’s time for a bit of an explore through the country, and what better way to celebrate the end of school by hopping to a new destination and gaining some new skills with working through the New GAP Year program.

Although we’ve been dreaming of international travel, the past two years have shown us just how wonderful Australia is, and how each town, no matter how big or small, holds all sorts of adventures. From wineries and museums, to the rugged outdoors and hikes galore, the destinations are endless when it comes to where you could choose to spend your GAP year.

With us literally itching for adventure – like, the grocery shop has become a highlight of getting out of the house lately – it’s time to jump into a new city, immerse yourself in the local scene, and enjoy the wonders around you while diving into a new skill to use towards your future.

1. Yarck, Victoria as a Cherry Picker

Positioned less than 140 kilometres north of Melbourne, Yarck is situated between a cluster of small downs, deep into cherry country, where you could spend your GAP year as a cherry picker. With lush greenness everywhere you look, the Yarck area offers so many outdoor adventures like hiking through the Blowhard Spur Circuit, exploring the beauty of Gooram Falls, and walks through the wilderness like Rotary Park and Yea Wetlands Walk.

Check out Gooram Falls:

2. Wongon Hills, Western Australia as a Tarping Labourer

Plopped right in the middle of a range of hills, Wongon Hills is the place to be if you’re keen for the great outdoors while working as a Tarping Labourer in the wheat belt during harvest season. With Mount Matilda and Mount O’Brien at your doorsteps, and the Christmas Rock Walk a hop, skip, and jump away, scenic walks are pretty much a guarantee.

Check out Mount Matilda:

3. Mudgee, New South Wales as a Barista

With rustic charm, beautiful views, and vineyards galore, Mudgee is definitely the choice if you’re craving a bit of the country life while having all of the amenities that a city has to offer. This is where you could be working as a barista by day, and spending your evenings and weekends drinking yourself silly at wineries, exploring different museums, and living up your GAP year the best you can.

Check out the Mudgee Wine Regions:

4. Lake Grace, Western Australia as a Grain Coverer in Storage Construction

If you’re keen to connect to nature in a historic town, then Lake Grace is the place for you as a grain coverer during harvest time. You can overlook the vast lake system at the Lake Grace Lookout, explore the salt lake regions, and dive into the history at the Lake Grace Australian Inland Mission Hospital Museum.

Check out Lake Grace:

5. Dubbo, New South Wales as an Orange Picker

One of the larger regional towns, Dubbo is home to one of the best open-range zoos that Australia has to offer. As an orange picker on your GAP year, you can get up close and personal with animals at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, explore the Old Dubbo Gaol, enjoy waterparks and bowling, and even go on trike adventures on the Macquarie River.

Check out the Taronga Western Planes Zoo:

by Brittany Jenke @ The Brag Media


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