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8 essential tunes to slam on your gap year summer road trip

by Brittany Jenke @ The Brag Media

Summer is here to take us on new adventures, so we've whipped up a list of tunes that you absolutely must play on your gap year road trip.

Let’s face it – the past two years have been less than optimal, but we’re finally getting back into the groove of things, and it’s about time we pump the jams while cruising down the freeway with the windows rolled down all while heading off on a gap year.

With how much we’ve been stuck in the house lately, it’s beyond exciting to be able to go anywhere – heck, even just being able to go to Kmart in person again is like vacation. But, now it’s time to spread our wings and go even further, diving into regional Australia for a gap year that offers everything we are seeking: adventure, new friends, skills to be gained, and some hard-earned cash.

The New GAP Year is putting even more bonuses into your typical gap year by offering an easy, streamlined way to get started, as well as a GAP’r Rewards program so you can earn points for free stuff while you’re also earning dollars for your hard work with different farmers across Australia.

“Opportunities are available all across Australia, and anyone can apply. Choose from jobs lasting from just a few weeks to six months or more. So go for as long as you like, when you like, where you like. And we will help you get the skills you need for the job of your choice!”

As most of the gap year jobs are located a little ways away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s absolutely essential to have a top-notch playlist full of your favourite tunes in tow so that you can rock out while heading towards a moment full of memories before you hop into uni.

1. ‘Wide Open Road’ by The Triffids

If you’ve ever been on a road trip before, you know that ‘Wide Open Road’ by The Triffids is the absolute top-tier road trip song out there. If you haven’t, then sort out your gap year plans, buckle up in your car, and start blasting it as soon as you hit the highway. Let’s just say that it sparks a bit of magic.

2. ‘Leaving Home’ by Jebediah

Maybe you’re keen to finally be out on your own after having the parents breathing down your neck over your grades these past few years? If so, then ‘Leaving Home’ by Jebediah is clearly the tune to kick things off. With enough teenage angst to satisfy your craving, it’ll help you put the bitter behind you, and prepare for the sweet.

3. ‘I Want’ by Ruby Fields

Keeping with the angst, ‘I Want’ by Ruby Fields completely hits the spot when it comes to being able to finally make your own decisions and be out on your own, especially when you hit the line, “I want to be more than my parents’ opinions, and my ATAR.

4. ‘Apple Crumble’ by Lime Cordiale

Bringing all the good vibes, ‘Apple Crumble’ by Lime Cordiale and Idris Elba (or Cordi Elba, if you want to be pedantic) reminds you to keep the sweet in mind, and you can’t help but smile while listening to it. And, with the joy you’ll be feeling about finally being able to get away, you’ll be sporting all the grins while blasting this.

5. ‘In The Summertime’ by Thirsty Merc

Bringing all the feelings of sun, beach, and good times, ‘In The Summertime’ by Thirsty Merc will set you up for the adventures that lie in your gap year. With a tune like this, and the wind blowing through your hair, you’ll know you’re in for a boatload of memories to be made.

6. ‘One Summer’ by Daryl Braithwaite

Continuing the summertime vibes, ‘One Summer’ by Daryl Braithwaite completely encapsulates how we feel about going into the warmer months. With opportunities just ahead in your gap year, and good tunes to accompany, your road trip playlist will be spot on with this one.

7. ‘Butterflies’ by Baker Boy

Ready to pump things up on the road trip? Then ‘Butterflies’ by Baker Boy is where it’s at. I’m not sure if anyone can keep still while listening to his voice flowing effortlessly over the beats. If you’re ready to dance, then this is a must have.

8. ‘Sunscreen’ by Ball Park Music

Lastly, no summer playlist is complete without a slight PSA to remind you that while you’re still having fun, that you’ve got to remember to put on sunscreen. But, at least ‘Sunscreen’ by Ball Park Music does it in a fun, casual way, not like your mum yelling out the door asking if you’ve put some on.

Check out our full road trip Spotify playlist!

by Brittany Jenke @ The Brag Media


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