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This new rewards program earns you free stuff while you go on a gap year

by Brittany Jenke @ The Brag Media

The New GAP Year is doing something a little different – they've got a stellar rewards program that helps you earn while you earn.

The end of the year is almost here, and it’s time to figure out just what you want to do before heading to uni. With international travel being still a bit iffy with the current pandemic, one of the best opportunities around is to hop into a gap year and explore Australia, while also making some decent cash, finding new friends, and seeing new places in our own backyard.

With destinations ranging from close to the city to out in the wild, and opportunities ranging from picking fruit in the most beautiful regions of Australia to being a barista in a small town (with free training skills to boot!), whichever way you sway, you’re in for a boat load of memories to be made before you jump into the adult world.

The New GAP Year program takes it one step further – not only do they provide an amazing experience for you to adventure, make new friends, and earn money, but their GAP’r Rewards program helps you to earn points that you can spend on a range of over 3000 products in their eMall. Plus all sorts of discounts, and even gift cards to your favourite brands.

With a lot of gap year opportunities created to specifically help out Aussie farmers and regional communities via Thankful4Farmers, The New GAP Year reckoned that you deserve a thanks for the hard work you’ll be putting in, so that’s why they’ve partnered with Loyalty Republic to create the brilliant GAP’r Rewards.

With the ever-growing issue of labour shortage across regional communities, Thankful4Farmers are helping to address the issue by ensuring that farmers can “find seasonal workers they need and focus on what they do best – producing fresh and healthy produce for every Australian family everyday,” along with GAP’r Rewards giving you a hand for giving your helping hand.

So, how exactly does the GAP’r Rewards program work? Well, all you do is sign up via their app, and you’re on your way to earning points for every dollar you spend, with some select brands providing extra points per dollar spent! Brands like Ally, Catch, Everlast, Forever New, Good Hair Day, Hype, Lacoste, Nike, Oz Hair and Beauty, Rip Curl, Sephora, Under Armour, Vans, and Volcom offer up to 17 points per dollar spent, meaning you’re well on your way to rewards.

By simply snapping you receipts from your everyday purchases and uploading them via the app, you’ll be piling on the points.

Beyond that, you can also connect your bank account to the app which enables you to earn points for every transaction, including when your salary from your gap year is deposited into your account (depending on which employer you select) meaning that you’ll earn points by earning money, too!

Lastly, there’s even points to be earned when referring mates to the GAP’r Rewards program, or even when you shop using their online store. Suffice to say there’s a heap of ways to pile on points and get those rewards.

Then, what you’re keen to spend your hard earned points on is up to you. With discounts, gift cards, and over 3000 products in their eMall up for grabs, the possibilities are endless. Short on points? You can even select things from the eMall and pay for them with your debit or credit card with their Pay in 4 program.

Keen to hop into your gap year, and earn while you earn? All you’ve got to do is head to GAP’r Rewards via The New GAP Year and jump into a new adventure that will not only pay you some good money, but will help you gain other rewards along the way, beyond the life-changing experiences to be had and skills to be gained. Check out GAP’r Rewards!

by Brittany Jenke @ The Brag Media


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