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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to be a student to use this site to find work?

Anyone can use the site and look for work. You don’t have to be a student and can be any age group. 

How do I find work near me or in a specific location?

Click on the GAP'r Jobs tab of the website and scroll down, where you'll see details of how to apply for specific locations. 


How long do I need to work for?

Job lengths vary from 2-3 weeks up to 6-12 months. It depends on the industry and the role. All jobs on the marketplace indicate the duration of the role so you can apply for jobs that meet your needs and fit with your plans.


How much will I get paid?

All jobs on the marketplace will state how much you will be paid for each role and the different payment structures. Each industry may have a different payment structures and employers can select to pay either weekly, hourly or piecewise. 


What are the hours that I will have to work?

Hours depend on the role, the harvest and the industry. Each position outlines the estimated weekly hours for that position on the marketplace. Each position also nominates the estimated working days in the week so you can apply for positions that suit your PickPacking plans

Do I have to complete the full season?

In most positions you are asked to complete the full season of work.  This can vary depending on the position that you have applied for and the period of employment is generally noted in the ad.


What time do you generally start?

This all depends on the farm that you are working at however most farms start early in the morning around 6am and in summer will generally stop working early in the afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day.


What types of fruit and vegetables will I be picking?

Across Australia there are harvest opportunities for many different types of fruit, vegetables and grains. You can choose the harvest that best suit your skills.


Do I need any prior experience and will I get training?

If any specific experience or skills are prerequisites it will be outlined in the role description. For picking and packing jobs each employer will have their own process which will be explained to you during the on-site induction and you will be shown how to pick or pack depending on the produce.

How do I organise accommodation and is it included?

Accommodation information is displayed for each position. Some employers will offer farm stay accommodation and others have connections to local hostels or accommodation providers. The respective employer will be able to provide recommendations. You can also look for the “working hostel” employer type on the marketplace for jobs with accommodation included.


What is the Government subsidy all about?

From 1 November 2020, you may be eligible for financial assistance to relocate to take up agricultural work, including harvest work. To be eligible for relocation assistance you will need to work for at least six weeks and at least 120 hours in a harvest, regional or remote area. You also need to complete a Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job Agreement before you move. Find out more about relocation assistance and eligibility.


Can I bring a friend or go with a group?

Yes, we encourage you to plan your GAP adventure with a friend or group of friends. Just let your employer know who else has made an application for the position in your cover note when you apply.


How do I get to and from the location for work?

Transport information is provided for each position which outlines the employer’s recommendation on how to get to the farm. If you are not staying on farm, many hostels provide daily bus services.

What if I need to have days off for any reason?

In this case it will be your responsibility to communicate directly with the farmer that you are working for and organise what is needed.


What if I don’t like it, can I leave?

Speak to your employer if you are not enjoying the work or do not want to complete the harvest.

Do I need training?

There are short skill sets available to get you the skills you need for your GAP year job, you can do skill sets in Hospitality (barista), Agriculture (Tractor & Machine Operator) plus many more. These courses are fee free.  Check out the GAP’r Skills page on the website for more details.


How do I access this training?

Click the GAP’r Skills link to see the courses available in an area near you.




Do I have to wear a mask?

Your health and safety is a priority and every employer will outline any COVID safe requirements that they implement on their farm. Your employer will let you know if they have any requirements when they contact you for the position.


What are the COVID restrictions?


Can I travel between states?


Do I have to quarantine?


For all the above questions and any others relating to COVID 19 and geographic specifics, please follow the links below

We've tried to think of everything but if your question still isn't answered, please contact us and tell us how we can help.​

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