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Plan, Map, Apply for your GAP on our preferred job marketplaces


So many choices and so many places to go.

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How to apply

Where to go

Find jobs in regions you’d like to visit and work

When to go

Search for jobs throughout your GAP year and be notified when they are hiring.

Look out for the requirements of each job and the process for applying.

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Start planning

Find a job from our preferred job marketplace platforms

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It’s easy

Save time and energy.  You can search, apply and accept work all from each of the marketplaces.


International Students

If you are an International Student you can also search for job opportunities in Australia - just follow these links.

Verified employers

All employers are ABN verified and each job outlines comprehensive work and payment information so you can make an informed decision when applying.  All jobs posted by Government Approved Labour Providers have also been verified for safe labour practices. 

Look out for the "HTS Provider" employer type to find work on verified farms.

More detail

More detail and how it works


Create a Profile

Go to either marketplace and create your Profile (resume) to impress potential employers. 
You can then apply for multiple positions with the click of a button.  Your Profile is your digital resume, so the more you share about your unique skills and abilities, the more valuable you become to potential employers.

Apply For Work

Use the interactive job maps to find work and MAP your GAP adventure.  You can apply for positions currently hiring or save future positions and receive notifications when to apply.


The marketplaces enable you to search jobs based on location, type of work, start date, employer type, wage and more.  Get started today to find work that suits you and your GAP plans!

Get Skilled

Some jobs require specialist skills and training.  If needed, we’ll provide information on what to do and how to apply for those skills.

Keep Track of Your Applications

The easy to view status of your applications keeps you updated.

Share Your Adventure

Come alone, or with friends or a partner, and create memories that’ll stay with you forever. There are many regional and rural jobs and new friends to share it all with.


And please remember - always be COVID safe and follow the recommended guidelines.

Explore together like never before

MAP your GAP now and find a job.

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Learn about unique industry experiences

Industry experiences
Adventurer Stories

Meet some new GAP Year adventurers

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MAP your GAP now and find a job

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Meet some employers

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MAP your GAP now and find a job

If you're an employer and looking to hire and/or attract and retain workers, please check out our Employers section 

Employer Stories

Featured employers


If you’d like to find out more about our labour providers and jump straight to their job listings, please click on the link below.

Featured employers
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About APG Workforce

APG Workforce is one of Australia’s leading national workforce management companies. We offer labour hire, permanent recruitment & temporary recruitment services.


Much more than just a recruitment agency, APG provides a comprehensive workforce management service, partnering with some of Australia’s leading companies as well as with smaller organisations, with sites throughout Australia. Included in APG costs we take care of PAYG, Superannuation, VISA checks, Pre-employment medical questionnaire, Calculating & Payment of Wages in accordance with appropriate Award, Timesheets/Payslips along with a host of other statutory requirements so that you can get on with looking after your crops & livestock.

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